Freedom To Shine Bright


You’re invited to join Beacon, the six-month female mastermind for industry leaders dedicated to uplifting humanity
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Freedom To Shine Bright


You’re invited to join Beacon, the six-month female mastermind for industry leaders dedicated to uplifting humanity.
You’re Invited to


The six-month mastermind for powerful women.
Women with a rich understanding of personal & professional development.
Women who are veterans of life & growth.
Women who earn and serve with resiliency.
Women who have been through the trenches and come out the other side.
Women who understand how vital it is to amplify the light they shine on the world.
If you’ve landed on this page, you are this woman.
You’ve accomplished more than you ever thought possible… and you’re just getting started.
You’re no stranger to hard work.
And you understand that the most challenging work is inner work.
You actively seek growth, and are not afraid of what you find.
You’re the leader in your sphere of influence.
You are the one people go to when the going gets tough.
Your presence is powerful and often intimidating.
Your life is good. In fact, it’s pretty epic.
Still, you can feel that you’ve just hit a leader’s growth edge.
You know grinding harder is not the path forward. You’ve already done that.
What you're searching for is a form of growth that unfolds with ease and tenderness.
Obviously, it’s possible. Anything is possible.
What isn’t obvious is how to get to the next level.
You’ve noticed that your friends, parter, and colleagues can’t provide the feedback you need to grow beyond your current edge.
And this lack of constructive feedback is presenting a problem.
That’s why I’m here.
I’m here to tell you that learning to receive challenging feedback gracefully is the doorway to exponential growth.
We need to examine our dark side to reach the next level of our growth.
And we’re not meant to do it alone.
True exponential growth happens in a community led by a powerful guide with equally powerful women alongside you.

Welcome to Beacon

An intentional 6-month community experience for powerful women dedicated to personal & professional growth.
Beacon is about fully embodying all the personal development teachings you’ve been practicing for decades.
It’s about bringing those teachings into full expression in every area of your life.
It’s not another lecture series with an all-knowing guru teaching you a “breakthrough method” you can’t live without.
In Beacon, you’re the star.
It’s a community designed for all the threads of your past coaches, guides, mentors, and life experiences to weave together with an orgasmic “ahhhhhh.”
You already have great capacity. You don’t need a “breakthrough method.”
You just need to integrate your immense skill sets.
By celebrating your strengths and illuminating that which requires more attention.
It’s a profoundly spiritual experience where you learn to be the boldest, brightest version of yourself with unapologetic kindness.
We do this by offering and receiving consent-driven feedback in the safe container I’ve created for you.
In Beacon, I guide you down the path of receiving feedback from anyone, at any time, and to receive it with heart-filled gratitude.
I teach you to lean in and seek the grains of truth that uncomfortable feedback holds rather than instinctively pushing it away.
Because when you’re less guarded and more receptive...
Creativity flows differently.
New ideas are always at your fingertips.
Confusion becomes a thing of the past, and feeling “stuck” becomes a foreign concept.
You let go of the need to defend or explain yourself and walk boldly, shining bright like a Beacon!
And when you do this alongside other powerful women…
It forms an unbreakable bond.
It creates the sense of connection and understanding that’s missing from many powerful women’s lives.
Together, you learn to be tender and potent.
And that tenderness becomes your new power source!

During Beacon, You Will...

Embody the vibration of a receiver and dissolve the defensive reactions keeping you from your next level of financial, emotional, & spiritual growth.
Learn to never take anything personally during an activating conversation by discerning what’s your material vs. the material of the person providing you the feedback.
Learn to integrate constructive feedback with tenderness and without hardening so your next best opportunities become easy to see.
Find the dark edges of your grain-sized fears so they can be illuminated, loved, and integrated.
Learn to express yourself in playful, potent, passionate ways to unlock enjoyable experiences in your business and personal life.
Understand how you constantly receive physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual feedback so you can harness your filter mechanisms to make clear, empowered choices.
Understand how to move from "Fight, flight, or freeze" into the Ventral system where freedom and opportunity are present so you're fortified, nourished, and resourced.
Understand and shift old, habitual coping strategies we unconsciously cling to, allowing fresh ideas & clear vision to shine through.
Dissolve hierarchy in your personal & professional life to gain value from sources you previously invalidated or made wrong out of unconscious habit.
Explore the spectrum of control & surrender to harness both your masculine & feminine power.
Beacon Is A Six-Month Bespoke Mastermind For An Intimate Group Of Powerful Women (No More Than 12).
We meet every other Thursday, beginning May 16th, 2024, until November 14th, 2024.
During each session, we enjoy 2 hours together. Each session consists of teachings, curated guidance, and feedback designed to open the portal to your next level of growth.
By the end of these six months, the bigger vision of your life & business will be clear. And you will have gained tangible skills to lead from your new vision with integrity, joy, resiliency, and inspiration.
Beacon is designed to impact the next three to ten years of your life, meaning insights and ah-ha’s from this experience will continue to delight you for years to come.

Included: The Beacon Retreat

(Attendance is Optional & Highly Recommended)
I’m curating an in-person Beacon Retreat to integrate and amplify your Beacon experience in beautiful Los Angeles from October 24th to October 28th, 2024.
Together, we’ll stay in a luxury location to create closure and integrate our personal and collective growth from the previous six months. This in-person feedback is a powerful experience, and much different than receiving feedback online.
You will provide your transportation to the location and my team & I will handle the rest.
We’ll ensure you feel cared for from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.
The retreat includes:
Luxury accommodations
All meals
In-person group sessions
Visionary Individual Photoshoot

The investment for Beacon is $30,000 (pay in full by April 29, 2024). If you need a payment plan we offer them at $5,500 a month for 6 months. And once you’re in, you’re in!

My Zero-Refund Policy

As an Ethical Saleswoman, I model the principles I teach. One crucial principle is the concept of “clear choice.”
Clear choice means anyone who joins Beacon has walked across the line to a “clear yes.” They are prepared to join the community, make the investment comfortably, and participate fully to create their transformation.
Anything short of this is a “clear no.”
Please say “no, thank you” unless you are a “clear yes” because once you’ve made your investment, no refunds are available.

With this in mind, Consider the following...

Are you in a financial position that allows you to make this investment with joy?...
Do you have the time and energy to commit to a profoundly transformational experience?...
Do you have a business or life partner with whom you need to discuss this decision before investing?...
Are you willing & wanting to participate with vulnerability, open yourself to intimate conversation, receive difficult feedback, and acknowledge your blindspots with grace?
Are you ready to experience a new level of FLOW in your personal and professional life?
If so, you are a Beacon!
If you would like to join Beacon: The Freedom To Shine Bright, please apply below.
If you’re not quite a “clear yes,” or you have questions, please book a 20-minute connection call to speak with me directly and learn if Beacon is a right fit for you.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon.
Love always,
Marla Mattenson
Marla Mattenson

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