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On this page you will find a variety of media resources that will allow you to experience Marla and her expertise. We hope you find these resources valuable. Please feel free to connect with us if any of them create a particular impact on you!
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Media Resources

On this page, you will find various media resources allowing you to learn more about me. I hope you find these resources valuable. Please feel free to connect with my team if any of the content creates a particular impact on you!
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How Do I Invest in My Relationship Without Neglecting My Business?
The success you seek in business lies in the relationship right next to you.
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Are Entrepreneurs Doomed When it Comes to Finding Love?
The answer is ‘no,’ especially when you’ve planned a ‘digital detox date’ on Valentine’s Day with your significant other.
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Should You Date A Less Ambitious Person
Can business and love ever mix? Yes, says relationship expert Julain Colker and Marla Mattenson.
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Stop Letting Money Ruin Your Love Life
I’ve counseled 1,000 couples—and this is the key to a happy relationship.
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Here’s how to tell if you should prioritize work over love
Work-life balance doesn’t always come easy.
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Start With a Money Summit to Hit Your #couplegoals
Spreadsheets and savings goals aren’t sexy. That’s probably why great love stories, when retold, don’t delve into household finances.
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Why You & Your Partner Should Make Play A Priority, From Intimacy Experts
For the past year, many couples have been experiencing what intimacy experts Julian Colker and Marla Mattenson are calling “Groundhog Day Squared”: an endless cycle of both stress and boredom.
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Josh & Jill Stanton: Screw the Nine-to-Five Podcast
Sunny Lenarduzzi: The Sunny Show Podcast
Natalie Ledwell: Not Over, Just Different Podcast
David Neagle: Successful Mind Podcast
Michelle Sorro: Fire & Soul Podcast
Dr. Seku Gathers: The Truth Prescription Podcast
Farnoosh Torabi: So Money Podcast
Elliot Roe: The Primed Mind Podcast
Heidi Stevens: Drop Into the Vortex

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